1. Using the drop-down list you can choose to look at ‘All’ the images, or just a particular category, (‘Musicians’ for example).
2. Then choose the image you like the best by clicking in the little circular button immediately to its right. Your chosen image will jump to the top of the page.
3. If you change your mind, you have the option to come back and select another image later.

( $1 per recipient )
Recipient name*:
Recipient email address*:

If you can, use a non-work email for your recipient. Company firewalls/spam filters often do not allow online greetings to reach people.

This is where you choose the people to whom your card(s) will be sent.
1. Type the person’s name in the name box, and their email address in the box beneath.
2. If you would like to send to multiple recipients, simply click ‘Add recipient’ and you can add up to 9 more people (you can send 10 cards in any one order). You will see a list of all the people you have added. They will each be sent the same card, image and message.

Your name*:
Your e-mail address*:

Join the 606 mailing list:
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Notify me when card is picked up:

1. Enter your own name in the name box, and your own email address beneath that.
2. You can then choose the heading for your card by selecting from the drop down list beneath the word ‘Subject’, (for example, Happy Birthday!). You must select something from this list, but if you actually want your heading to be blank, just choose ‘BLANK [no subject].
3. In the large box near the bottom of your page, you can write the content of your message, maximum 140 characters.

Mailing list. If you would like to be added to the 606 Club mailing list and be sent regular emails about live music and other events, tick the box beneath the words ‘Join the 606 mailing list’.

Notification. You will be sent an email confirming your Ecard order. If you would also like to be sent an email when your Ecard is viewed by its recipient, tick the box under the words ‘Notify me when card is picked up’.

Continue. To proceed to page 2, press Continue at the bottom of the page. If you have left any boxes blank, this will be indicated to you by a red error message in the relevant location.

You can add music, personal voice messages, gifts and vouchers on the next page.